BROWN SKIN | SUMMER SOLSTICE - EFE Bouquet Bundle {Behind the Scenes}

Eye for Ebony is located in Lynchburg, VA also known as DRENCHBURG. It’s not uncommon at all for events to be cancelled or postponed due to rain but it’s never happened to me. After dozens of shoots I’ve never had to reconfigure things because of the weather but that’s exactly what happened to me THE FIRST TIME I attempted to do something bridal.

Greg Thompson,   Shutterclass Photography  , EFE Contributing Photographer

Greg Thompson, Shutterclass Photography, EFE Contributing Photographer

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EFE had hit a point where I could no longer do this on my own. My husband and I own multiple businesses and while God was blessing our companies, it was eating into my free time. In order for me to keep up with the demand I needed to find other photographers. But not just any photographers. Other black image makers who had a heart to serve. That’s Greg. He and I met at Third Wave Coffee and looked up “African American Wedding” on sites like Shutterstock and realized there was a huge deficient in that category. So that’s what we decided to do. We would create at least 10 different wedding themed bundles to add to the EFE library and upload to sites like iStock, Shutterstock and Creative Market.

Like I said…I’ve never shot a wedding. So coming up with the creative direction for this one was a real challenge. At the end of the day I wanted the least amount of things outside of my control so I found a model and used my dress, my rings and my jewelry from my wedding day seven years ago. It didn’t occur to me until I met Lindsey in person that I never questioned whether the dress would fit her. I just trusted God to make it work and of course God provided.

Not only did the dress fit but local florist Bloom by Doyle’s supplied us with the most AMAZING bouquet! We knew we wanted to photograph Lindsey with the bouquet so when it rained we decided to do a studio shoot to make sure we got photos of the blooms at their best. We got HUNDREDS of photos inside but we still didn’t want to give up on an outdoor shoot. So Greg’s brilliant wife Mele stored & preserved the flowers and we scheduled a second shoot on Friday.

Can you believe this is 3 DAYS LATER! Still fresh, still beautiful! Thank you Bloom!!!

Can you believe this is 3 DAYS LATER! Still fresh, still beautiful! Thank you Bloom!!!

I didn’t realize it until I was headed over to dress Lindsey once again that our rescheduled date was also Summer Solstice, the first day of summer and the LONGEST day of sunlight all year long. That’s how God works. It rained on Tuesday so we could be blessed with the most beautiful golden hour of 2019. I cannot wait to see these images but I can tell you now that God’s favor is ALL OVER EFE.

EFE Bouquet BTS-4.jpg
EFE Bouquet BTS-5.jpg
EFE Bouquet BTS-7.jpg

From day one, Eye for Ebony was created because I wanted to do more than just complain about a lack of diversity in stock photos. I wanted to try. Try to help. Try to create a solution. Now Eye for Ebony has three photographers and in late summer we will release a brand new membership site thanks to my team at About 90 Marketing.

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-LaShonda Delivuk @lashondambrown
LaShonda Delivuk is a serial entrepreneur that is fueled by “Service Above Self”. She and her husband own and operate Life Focus Pictures and About 90 Marketing providing marketing solutions to organizations internationally. LaShonda also currently gives back to the Lynchburg community through the civic organization, the Rotary Club of Lynchburg-Morning and is serving as the first black female club President.

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