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Custom branding photos are simple way to elevate your brand. When you hire EFE for your custom project, you will receive LaShonda Delivuk as your personal creative director. Previous clients have used us to shoot lifestyle photos in addition to styled product photos, headshots and even branding videos! Cut costs by scheduling all the assets you'll need to market your brand at the same. 

If you are interested in receiving a free quote, simply fill out the form below & you'll receive a call within 48 hours. 

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This video was filmed during the day long Chocolate Kinks & Kurls custom stock photography shoot by Life Focus Pictures.
It was paired with a 5 day video ad campaign with About 90 Marketing and these were the results. 

FACEBOOK: 28,582 people reached, 13,202 views & 985 comments, reactions, & shares, 141 new page likes
INSTAGRAM: 8,311 impressions, 3,658 views, 157 comments, 112 new followers

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Working with LaShonda and the Eye for Ebony Models was a phenomenal experience! LaShonda was beyond prepared and ready to dive into creating brand magic for Chocolate Kinks & Kurls, all the models showed up camera ready, full of energy and brought the scenes to life! I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and traveled to Lynchburg, VA to work with LaShonda, it was absolutely worth the investment and I'm excited to continue working with Eye For Ebony in 2018 and onward! The day spent with LaShonda and the Eye for Ebony Models exceeded my expectations. 

Juanita Henderson, Founder of Chocolate Kinks & Kurls
The Kurl Koach